Track Layout Contest 2012/2013 – Winner Announcement

31 January – it’s still late January… ๐Ÿ™‚ (at least in Poland)

First I would like to apologize for keeping you so long with this, but you didn’t give me a choice.
You sent me tons of amazing ideas and it was incrediblyย dificult for me to choose the best of best.

As I mentioned many times. Your technique wasn’t important, no matter if someone sent me an amazing 3d visualisations, small tecture model in scale or only text description – all of you had the same chance
for winning this contest.

You should know that it was a great experience for me, I didn’t realize that people could have such an amazing ideas. I was shocked many times when I was reading your emails. So many talented, very creative
and passionate people, it was visible in every single project.

I must say that I’m not even a half as creative as you are guys.
You put a lot of effort and I’m very thankfull for that.
Thanks to all for your time, I hope you had a lot of fun with this.

I promise you that I’ll push my self and my skills to the limit with this track.
You deserve for the best.

Ok, let’s not forget about the most important person today. It’s his day.

Ladies and gentelmen, I would like to announce that winner of first Layout Contest 2012 is:

Kalle “KeiKei Kouri from Finland.


ps. track will be developed parallely with Interlagos.

ps2. I will contact with the winner in next few days…we have hard work to do ๐Ÿ™‚

ย ——————————————————–

Some part of description and screenshots from “Leafmoor Park” by KeiKei.

“…..First of all I started the process by just remembering some great parts of legendary tracks and thinking what makes those so enjoyable to drive through. Didn’t draw anything but just remembering and
analyzing things in my mind every now and then. At some point it came obvious to me that loose safety regulations are the main reason why old tracks tend to feel so great. But luckily we simracers are
immortals (in many ways ๐Ÿ˜‰ so safety regulations can be flushed down to the toilet. So by realizing that I was able to think out of the box and basically create something new and never seen before. Or at
least I feel that way about the layout. Of course we’re still talking about racing simulation and feel it’s absolutely mandatory the track would be drivable also in real-life with real racecars. Well who
would dare to put car to it’s limits in real-life on that monster is another question… ๐Ÿ™‚

So now would be good time to start looking those attached images. I’ll try to explain how different parts of the track should function in practice and also some ideas behind it.

Scene 04 and 02 – Start Straight/Turn

In simracing race starts are usually the worst parts of the race and T1 mayhems are very common. I think two main reasons are because drivers are immortals and have limited visions. So one design principal
was to somehow stretch distances between vehicles on race starts. I came up with three ideas and used them all; 1. Steep downhill slope right after starting line. Drivers at front get benefit from it
straight away and others later and later. Drivers at back can’t even take it flat-out anymore. 2. No major braking for first corner. 3. Further to the back accelerating comes more difficult because they have
to start at turn which is bending towards the back more and more.

Scene 05 – Entrance to The Drapery Falls

This blind steep downhill slope curving slightly to the left will separate men from boys – that’s for sure! Idea is that it can’t be taken flat out. It should be shaped so that if you enter too fast then
your tires are lifted just above the track surface so you will fly low and long… ๐Ÿ™‚ Even though some vehicles are aerodynamically stable so that big jumps are possible but still it may not be the fastest
way around. For example in motocross some jumps are best to keep short because you lose more time during airborne not being able to accelerate. Another reason for this steep slope is to demonstrate how
amazing downforces today’s racecars are able to produce. Better strap your helmet properly so it won’t come off when diving into the belly of this fearsome monster! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also nice overview from up there by the

Scene 06 – Straight towards Spoon

150 m long straight towards The Spoon. Nothing special just to get some kinetic energy for the climb-up ahead. Should be pretty safe re-enter to track from pit because there shouldn’t be much difference in
speeds. Also acts as overview of race to driver because lot’s of cars are visible in front.

Scene 07 – The Spoon

Fearsome flat out entrance into the almost rollercoaster-like combination of turns. For first half the track is heavily tilted so there’s no need to brake but things start to change rapidly.

Scene 08 – Down to straight towards Cobra

Track is not tilted anymore so cautious throttle usage is needed to get out fast – especially because potential energy is transforming into kinetic fast. Little mistake here and guys behind will give serious
pressure when entering U-turn on top of Cobra. Track is also narrowing towards the end so driver is forced close to the rail on left.

Scene 09 – Straight and Cobra

Gaining some kinetic energy for uphill climb. Opponents just one meter away on the other side of the rail are approaching you with unbelievable speed. Hopefully there’s no parts falling out because that
could be, in theory, fatal! ๐Ÿ™‚ Initial part of braking into uphill is violent. Earth’s gravity is slowing your car and upwards bending track is giving extra grip for tires. Suddenly things change and car
becomes light as a feather. Very easy place to lock tires and seriously miss the apex. Great place for overtaking also because optimal driving line is far to the left and hence allows inside car to quite
easily attack and force outside car to lift off completely.

Scene 10 – Straight before crossing

Little downhill to give some initial boost from accelerating out of Cobra. If you were able to pass driver in Cobra then look closely to your mirrors. It may well be that your opponent has chosen his/her
line wisely and you’re about to enter S-turns side-by-side! Which is by the way going to be really tight as there’s no room for errors on top of the narrow bridge.

Scene 11 – S-turns

Nice Suzuka-style flow of bends with different radius’ one after another. Initially turns are loosening so you’re able to gain speed but after a brief uphill in the middle rest of the bends are tightening.
Very technical turn combinations which require lots of laps to find right rhythm and hence optimum driving line.

Scene 12 – Chicane and Back Straight

Every track must have at least one chicane. ๐Ÿ™‚ Back straight is good place for getting some tow especially if you’re able to take the chicane better than the driver in front of you. Don’t gear up too soon
because there’s some hill to climb up.

Scene 13 – Unfortunate entry to U-turn ๐Ÿ™‚

Difficult downhill braking with little drop in the middle. Requires perfect mastering of your brake pedal. Again very easy place to lock tires and miss the apex. Should be very good place for trying to
overtake your opponent especially if had good tow on long straight.

Scene 14 – Uphill straight

Rear wheels are easily spinning with high power vehicles because there’s also some gravity to overcome. Also remember to look your mirrors if you were able to pass someone in the U-turn – there maybe
counterstrike coming…

Scene 15 – Uphill turn before pit lane and Great Sling

To pit or not to pit – that’s the question. At least has been with current rF2 beta build as people are trying to sense if tires are losing grip or not. Easy and safe entrance to pit unless someone is
fighting with you on outside line… ๐Ÿ™‚ Pit lane is short and wide with garages on both sides. Pit lane also does some short-cutting so pitting gives minimal time-penalty.

Well you decided to go left. Just try to stay inside, gain speed and start focusing on finding right line and speed for the drop of your life. Try to focus on which is more important; finish race safely or
squeeze those few tenths and fly like an eagle!

Scene 16 – Blind dive into The Drapery Falls

So there it is – Leafmoor Park, from simracers to simracers. Challenging, demanding, technical, rewarding, exciting, terrifying, unprecedented… list goes on…..”

Start straight 96 m
The Drapery Falls 153 m
Straight towards Spoon 150 m
The Spoon 401 m
Straight towards Cobra 150 m
Cobra 163 m
Straight before crossing 118 m
Turn before crossing 46 m
Straight over crossing 19 m
S-turn #1 75-deg r50 65 m
S-turn #2 85-deg r70 104 m
Short uphill straight 20 m
S-turn #3 80-deg r60 84 m
S-turn #4
50-deg r28 24 m
30-deg r50 26 m
50-deg r30 26 m
Straight before chicane 40 m
70-deg r25 31 m
Short straight 10 m
40-deg r7 5 m
Back straight 628 m
U-turn 180-deg r6,5 17 m
Uphill straight 208 m
Turn before pit 82 m
Great Sling 334 m
3000 m


7 responses to “Track Layout Contest 2012/2013 – Winner Announcement

  1. Interesting, I don’t think I would have picked such an unusual layout, but then I might be too conservative here. ๐Ÿ™‚
    It’ll be interesting to see what you can make of it and how it will drive!

    • “If your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough.” ;D

      Yeah I know it’s ambitious and for sure not an easy task to do. The right flow is very important and I’ll do my very best so we will achieve that.

      Interesting to see indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sorry to say but this is a poor choice of track. At 3km total length I don’t think you realise how tight some of the corners are going to have to be..! The corner before the long straight is hideous. Starting grid around a corner isn’t great either. There is only really one overtaking place on the entire track, after the long straight (“Straight towards Cobra” at 150m in length wont work for overtaking unless you’re racing lawn mowers).

    You might get a few people racing it for a few days for the novelty value (two crossovers, “spoon” corner which I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be banked the whole way around? Hope it is, else it will make overtaking into “Cobra” impossible from already very difficult), but this will very quickly wear off. If you really want to continue with this track only suggestion I can make would be to scale the whole thing up at least two or three times.

    Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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