Putnam Park v1.0 — update.

Hi, folks!

After Poznan’s release I had few days off and I could finally finish Putnam Park.

V1.0 contains visual improvements and bug fixes.

v1.0 release notes:

– trees:  improved textures and shader settings, added 3d trees

– improved terrain textures

– new detail texture for road surfaces

– ambient occlusion added to main building and garages

– new custom textures for Real Road

– added 3d crowd

– new cars

– improvements on trackside objects

– fixed reflections flickering

– fixed issues in GDB files

– fixed garage doors issue

– fixed shadowgroups and visgroups

– (hopefully) improved performance

There are still small issues in Putnam Park so you can expect small patches in the future but first ISI needs to fix few issues in engine.

v1.0 is available only as a new single component file, updates from 0.91 aren’t planned.
Remove older version before installing v1.0

Download link:

link (click on save icon)


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